Can a mom work from home?

Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities for Moms

“For in the end, freedom is a personal and lonely battle; and one faces down fears of today so that those of tomorrow might be engaged.” Alice Walker

Busy Busy BusyI left my job in May to work my business in credit consulting full-time after I received a sizable royalty payment from the sales of my book.

I no longer have to pay for childcare, worry about high gas prices from my daily commute, and I can raise my own children and be there for all of their school trips and events. I am truly grateful!

My situation isn’t typical, but people ask me often if it is really possible for a mom to work from home.

While you may not have an interest in writing your own book, moms can still work from home if they just know where to look.

I decided to give Google a search for actual opportunities that would allow you to stay at home and work comfortably in your pajamas and was surprised at the great information I found.

Unfortunately, I did find a lot of scams, so when you’re doing your own searches, be careful!

Scams ask you to pay money up front in order to get a job working from home. You can tell if any of those opportunities are scams because a job should never require you to pay them!

I also found some fantastic resources that outline what you can actually do to work from home and make great money.

Work At Home Jobs to Avoid

Before I get into which work at home jobs are legitimate and deserve your time, it’s important to show you which ones to stay away from because they are scams.

Rebate Processor – All signs point to this type of work being a scam. A company has you pay a fee (remember I said that scams ask you to pay up front for work?) just to sign up for a program that is really free in order to market products yourself – get this – as an affiliate! I had never heard of something so bogus! Rebate processing also mentions a requirement of forwarding a portion of your commission payment to someone else – which is just plain crazy.

Affiliate marketing is legitimate, you will see ads around this site marketing relevant products, but it is completely free to do that. You have to establish systems and offer great content to your customers in order for affiliate marketing to work for you.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, you can check out an excellent program called Wealthy Affiliate. They provide training on how to profitably create a blog and they are free to use. They have an excellent community of people who will answer all of your questions and help you troubleshoot your success every step of the way.

I also recommend LaShanda Henry’s resources for setting up your own blog and affiliate marketing.

Data Entry – Type a couple lines in a simple form and Wa-La! You’ve made thousands of dollars with only a few minutes of work. Yeah right! This is also a scam. There are definitely real data entry jobs out there, but they pay per project, not hourly, and typically for pennies on the dollar per project. They require adding up to an amount, say around $50 – $100 in some cases, to be deposited into your account. Stay away from anything that says you’ll make lots of money just by doing menial, grunt work. It doesn’t exist.

“Purchase a List” scams – You will find plenty of scam jobs online that claim that if you pay for a list of customers up front, you can make money because they are hot leads that are ready to buy or sign up for a service or any number of ridiculous claims.  There are “medical billing work from home” jobs that scam people this way – one of my sisters was scammed like this – and contract typing jobs where the leads are random numbers that don’t amount to any type of work. Usually what happens is that you will purchase the list and the company will disappear and none of the leads will be real. outlines some other common scams that claim to allow you to work from home that you should steer clear of.

Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs

Most moms who want to work from home would prefer not to use the phone because of not being able to control background noise.

My business includes telephone consulting, so using a phone is part of my job, but there are plenty of jobs that you can work from home that don’t have that requirement.

Quality Rater – From entry level to a four year degree in any discipline, you may be interested in rating search results from home.  Appen, LionBridge, LeapForce offer work at home Quality Rater positions directly on their website. ZeroChaos, Inc. is searchable directly through Google if they have open positions. has compiled a list of 100 non-phone, work at home jobs that anyone can apply for.

Categories include: 

Data Entry




Chat Jobs

Email Support Jobs

Online Academic Tutoring

Academic Test Scoring


Search Engine Evaluation

Virtual Assisting


Paid Experts

Short Tasks

Misc. Non-Phone Jobs

Work At Home Phone Jobs For People With Kids Do Exist

You may be surprised to hear it, but people can actually work from home and use a phone.

It all depends on your flexibility.

Maybe you do better working your own flexible schedule instead of set times during the day or night?

Maybe you’re better working set hours in the early morning or third shift?

Have you considered getting care for part of the day or having another adult in the home that can watch your kids for you? I didn’t have that option, so I made my business work for me

There are companies that don’t mind background noise such as phone mystery shopper.

What would the ideal situation be for you to stay home?  Have you ever thought about working from home? What jobs have you had where you could work from home, or what jobs would you like to have?

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