Get Attention – Bring Customers To You

How To Create Credibility With Your Customers


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“There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them felt.” Audre Lorde

Early in my entrepreneur career, I thought that the way to bring customers to me was to sell them.

I believed, If I could sell really well, then people would come from near and far to buy what I have.

What I learned later was that you get attention not by telling others what you have, but by providing a story for others to feel connected to and creating trust.

“Telling’s not selling” is the saying that I heard over and over again.

So how do you tell your story and bring people who relate to your product?

By writing a book and turning it into a best-seller!

Writing a book will allow you to create the credibility you need to draw people to you.

Authoring a book showcases your expertise in your field and allows you to tell your story in order to build trust with your audience so that they feel comfortable enough to buy from you.

There are three ways you can begin writing a book:

  1. Hire a ghostwriterPros: A professional can write your book instead of you fumbling through the writing process yourself. Cons: Costs thousands of dollars for a really good ghost writer and is not written in your voice, but someone else who doesn’t have your experiences.
  2. Write your book yourselfPros: Your writing will have your experience and your voice and you can be proud to share your story in your own words. Cons: Very time consuming, will be an ongoing process for you if you are not a good writer and find organizing your writing a challenge.
  3. Use Best Seller PublishingPros: They walk you through the entire process, have their own ghostwriters that know how to get your experience and your voice on paper, and coaches will keep you encouraged and help you create a marketing plan for every step of your book until you become a best-seller. Cons: Their biggest package allows you full access, but if you can’t afford the biggest package, prepare to do a lot of work on your own. Stay encouraged and motivated, schedule your coaching sessions and you can do just fine! I did!

What Best Seller Publishing did for me

In December, 2014, I connected with a program that helped me to remarket my book and turn it into a best seller.

I wrote my book in 2008, but it wasn’t marketable and went unnoticed for years.

The cover was bland, it had no subtitle, and you could tell that I created it myself.  I was most proud of it because I had finally gotten it written, but it was a challenge to get my audience to notice my hard work.BetterThanCreditRepairBookCover

Any money I made from my book sales prior to December 2014 felt like a $10-in-my-hand, sympathy sale. As I talked about my book, the credibility I wanted to show just wasn’t there, and I didn’t have the book sales to back up what I was presenting. I wasn’t happy with my marketing efforts because no one seemed interested in my book. What I didn’t realize was that I hadn’t provided the right opportunity for people to become interested, because my book wasn’t showcasing things that were of interest to my intended audience.

The cover and the title just didn’t catch their attention.

And, to be honest, my “intended audience” was so broad, I couldn’t catch the attention of the right people because I had no idea who they really were.

Best Seller Publishing Changed My Life

I saw an ad on Facebook by Rob Kosberg and Best Seller Publishing as I was browsing through my newsfeed one day.

I decided to sit in on a webinar and listen to the program.

The webinar was free to sign up for and I learned so much just on the free webinar that I decided to invest in their program.

I was provided a coach and tasks to complete on a weekly to bi-weekly basis and in a matter of a couple weeks, I had solved all of my book’s marketing problems and had a solid strategy to achieve success.

The first three days of my launch, I watched the downloads soar! 

I launched my book on January 1st with the new cover and subtitle and by January 15th I had become a best-seller, going from #11 million on Amazon to #118. My book became #1 in 5 categories and breathed new life into my entrepreneur business.

If I can do it, you can do it too!

Go to Best Seller Publishing and talk to someone about a plan to create your own book, and tell them that Tamara Rasheed sent you.

How To Outsource Work Overseas

Delegate Your Work To Free Up Time

“Never work just for money or for power. They won’t save your soul or help you sleep at night.” Marian Wright Edelman

ID-100294505It’s easy to believe that every job has to be done by you alone.

The saying, “If you want something done right, you must do it yourself,” rings in the back of my mind whenever I talk about delegation. We tend to believe that our way is the only way to do something right and that ends up turning us into a micromanaging control freak.

The reality is that there are only so many hours in a day and every person who helps you adds an additional 24 hours.

So how do we create successful online jobs for others while freeing up our time?

By delegating!

You can delegate tasks such as filing, telemarketing, lead generation, creating status messages and blog posts for social media, and many many other tasks, creating successful online jobs for others and helping to sustain their lives. is a great website for hiring low cost, high quality workers for a variety of tasks for your business.

There are three major ways that outsourcing allows businesses to break down prejudices about working with people overseas:

  1. Outsourcing overseas allows businesses to diversify into other markets.
  2. Outsourcing overseas allows the sustaining of economies both here and abroad.
  3. Outsourcing overseas bridges cultural gaps by introducing individuals overseas to American customs.

Filipino workers enjoy a lower cost of living – so low that $2 – $3 dollars per day is equal to being paid around $24 an hour in the US.

Filipinos are highly educated and learn American English so that their accent sounds more Hispanic.

They are eager to learn your business, to be trained to add the training to their resume, and are looking to align with your business and support you.

Don’t forget to hire your new workers as independent contractors in order to reduce your tax liability.

Entrepreneurs are job makers and innovators. Delegating is an invaluable tool for your business.

Virtual Assistants give you your life back

I never imagined myself as someone’s boss, but someone gave me a really good reason to hire data entry clerks, telemarketers, and virtual assistants.

Because there are jobs that I just am not good at or don’t like doing and it is so much more efficient to hire someone who does really like those jobs!

You don’t have to do all of the work in your business yourself. And most of the time, it will cost you around $50 per week to hire someone who will work 20 – 40 hours per week for you organizing your business.

Another great place you can find assistants, data entry clerks and more is UpWork, formerly ODesk, formerly Elance.

You can hire individuals for most administrative and clerical positions without overspending.

Be sure to budget your money wisely to ensure that you can spend the extra money, and set specific goals for what you need that person to accomplish to make the money you’re spending worthwhile.

I hired an assistant through Elance to help me compile a list of contacts to market to. My goal was to gather the contacts for speaking engagements, but to pay off the expenses I incurred with a new assistant with the paid speaking engagements I booked.

Plans like these help you to recoup your investment, however, make sure what you’re getting back is measurable and scalable for your new assistant to accomplish.

While I ended up letting my virtual assistant go, I learned a lot about what my actual needs are. I learned that I needed to hire a data entry clerk and a telemarketer because my needs were more specific.

When outsourced, these two positions are even less expensive than a virtual assistant!

Do you have obstacles when considering outsourcing work overseas? What kinds of workers would help you become most efficient in your day-to-day work?