Successful Home Business Ideas

“The hardest work in the world is being out of work.” Whitney Young, Jr.

There are tons of successful home business ideas on the internet for you to sift through, but how do you know which of these ideas are legitimate?

One of the best ways to determine what home based business idea is good is by looking for books that will outline what you should be looking for.

Here are some excellent books on creating a home based business:



What home based businesses have you been interested in? What can you do today to move you in the direction of getting started?

Black Women Are Afraid of Success

How to overcome fear and start living fearless in your business

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” Lena Horne


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Something similar can be true about feeling fearful. 

It’s not the fear that breaks you down, it’s your reaction to your fear.

Successful black women entrepreneurs aren’t fearless.

It is normal to be afraid.

Heroes are afraid, just like victims are.

But what a victim does when they’re afraid and what a hero does when she’s afraid is what defines who they are.

The victim may curl up into a ball and believe that all is lost, whereas the hero may see an opportunity to act, or to show compassion, or to fight back, or any number of scenarios.

I used to be afraid of the phone ringing

I was raised in a home where my mother was afraid of Child Protective Services taking us away.

We were home educated and she did not use a curriculum and it made her afraid.

We were given explicit instructions not to answer the door or the phone or else we, “would be taken away.”

My mother’s paralyzing fear became her children’s paralyzing fears.

I grew up afraid of the telephone ringing, believing it was someone calling to take me away.

When someone came to the door, my siblings and I would hide in fear until the knocking stopped.

Becoming an entrepreneur and needing to make phone calls to make my business run, I faced an incredible challenge.

If I don’t answer the phone or make phone calls, I won’t be able to support my family.

I had to learn how to turn my fear into motivation to act.

Change doesn’t feel comfortable.

It is often preceded by fear and uncertainty at what is to come. At how the change will make life different.

Look at fear as an indicator of positive change

When you begin to look at the phone and feel the fear of rejection, of uncertainty, of inadequacy – that is your cue to make the phone calls at all costs.

Your life changing in a positive direction depends on your ability to make all of the calls on your list.

Acknowledge your feelings of fear by recognizing that they are the indicators of change and to do what you set out to do at all costs in order to welcome that change to you.

Pick up the phone. Dial the numbers. Speak to the person on the other end, and accomplish your goal.

When I began to do this, I saw my life change. I traded in my fear for positive change and before I knew it, I became successful out of persistence.

I was still afraid, but the fear meant something different to me than what it used to mean.

Fear no longer means, “I can’t,” it means, “keeping going!”

What fears do you have about your business or its daily operations that need converting? What can you use your fear to remind you of?

Black Women – The Ultimate Procrastinator

3 Ways Fear of Success Doesn’t Look Like Other Types of Fear 

“Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it.” Oprah Winfrey

Beauty_black_girlEveryone who has sought success has had defining moments.

There are defining moments that tell you when you’re afraid of success and when you’re really ready for success in your life.

The focus of this post is “how to overcome fear of success” because we all become afraid of how bright our light will shine.

Usually our fear comes from the ideas of success reflected by the people we are surrounded by.

  • Have you ever had someone ask you why you’re working so hard on your business or your dream?
  • Has anyone asked you if you ever get tired or working on your business?
  • Have you ever been asked if you will ever stop being persistent/ ambitious/ excited about your dream?

Those people mean well, but they see what you’re doing and they become afraid of their own dreams.

If you’re achieving and reaching high above where you are, then it gives others who complain and make excuses no leeway.

Sometimes we become afraid of change. This fear creeps up just as we are becoming sure of the direction we want to take.

Is there a way to know if an entrepreneur business is what you really want?

There are 3 telling signs of the fear of success. I will help you recognize what they are and give you ways to combat them.

There are 3 ways that the fear of success doesn’t look like other types of fear.

1. When success gets close… you get distracted.

I began seeking how to overcome fear of success when I realized I was spending vital time that I could have been working on my business talking on the phone or cleaning business-333934_640my house.

I was looking for activities that would effectively help me to avoid working my business by giving me an easy way not to focus on it. This usually happened when I felt like I was getting close to a breakthrough.

You see something working. You start building a network. You see money coming through. Dots begin connecting. And then you become overwhelmed and afraid. Something in you tells you to stop, or to delay, or not to act on your followup… and you listen.

I had started to believe that all of my efforts should turn into failure instead of expecting success because failure seemed to happen so often.

2. When things begin to shift, everyone around you knows it.

I began learning how to overcome fear of success by understanding that failure is not the same as quitting. I can learn from my failures and still become successful, but if I quit, I will never know what success is like.

3 Ways Failure is Better Than Quitting

  1. You can start again if you fail. Have you heard the saying, “Back to the drawing board?” When you fail, use it as an opportunity to study your failure and then start again. Quitting means that you will no longer start over.
  2. Every failure is a lesson. When you make mistakes, you can learn from them to avoid the same mistakes in the future. Quitting means that you’ve decided not to grow and learn from your mistakes anymore.
  3. Failure makes success better. To achieve success after a failure is the best feeling in the world. The ability to recover from failure and make your dreams come true is the ultimate test of having learned from the mistakes you made. If you quit, you will never know what it is like to see your plan through to the end.

The only lesson you learn from quitting is that you are a quitter.

3 Character Traits My Persistence Has Given Me

  1. My ability to keep going allows others to find a way to keep going. One of my close friends recently said that my ability to keep going when things are tough was motivating and encouraging for him. He has his own entrepreneur business in tutoring and education and has had some major setbacks.
  2. The action I take encourages her to leave the drawing board and take effective action on projects she has always wanted to start. Another dear friend of mine told me that I take action on my ideas. She spends a lot of time creating and organizing her plans which sometimes are challenging to put into action.
  3. I left my job to focus on my business full-time. Yet another friend told me that she was going to step out of faith and start a business baking because she was motivated and encouraged by my leaving my job to focus on my business full-time.

People do not become inspired by you because they see you as a failure. They become inspired by you because your persistence, what you do after you fail, reminds them of success.

3. Fear is caused by a lack of confidence.

Fear of success often happens when you don’t feel prepared.

The best way to prepare yourself for success is by determining where your weaknesses are and increasing your confidence by either becoming stronger where you are weak or finding someone who is strong in the area of your weakness.

I grew up believing that I was bad at math because my mother always told me that I was. 

My mother wasn’t the most patient person in the world and when I needed help with math she tended to yell at me over seeking a way where we could both listen and find common ground so that she could help me.

Telling me I wasn’t good at math allowed her an out so that she wouldn’t have to help me study – because in her mind, no matter what she did, I couldn’t learn.  This was easier for her to cope with than believing that she just wasn’t a good tutor for me.

I carried the belief that I wasn’t good at math into college and got Cs and Ds. I then asked myself what I was most afraid of with math that I believed didn’t allow me to become successful.

I couldn’t remember the formulas and rules and I had a lot of questions. So I resolved that I would strengthen my memory and help myself learn how to memorize better and that I would raise my hand even if I was uncomfortable and embarrassed. 

My next two math classes I got As because I knew how to bridge the gap between my own strengths and weaknesses and increase my confidence. I began tutoring math after that.

In summary, you can defeat your fear of success with these three reminders: 

  1. Stay focused and avoid distractions – distractions repel your success and make you procrastinate.
  2. Listen to what people say about your persistence and ambition – These are the keys to success. The persistent will always achieve what they conceive and believe.
  3. Increase your confidence by making your weaknesses your strengths – Either improve yourself where you are weak or delegate takes to a virtual assistant who can support you where you are weak with their own strengths.

happy black womanWhere do you lack confidence? What weaknesses do you have that contribute to your lack of confidence?